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Finding the tenants:

Properties available to rent through Smiths Estate Agents are advertised in the Tamworth Herald every Thursday, at no cost to the landlord, they are also shown on our website www.

Properties available to rent are also advertised on the Residential Lettings Board inside Smiths Estate Agents and a list of these are also available in our premises to give out to anyone enquiring about rental properties.

Prospective tenants are required to provide Smiths Estate Agents with references from their bank, employer and previous landlord (where appropriate) to assess their reliability and capacity to meet rental payments.  A credit check is also used to assess tenant suitability.

Tenancy Agreements:

Smiths Estate Agents will arrange the drawing up of tenancy agreements.  Both Tenants and Landlords will be provided with copies of these agreements to read and sign at the beginning of each new tenancy.

Our fees:

Smiths Estate Agents charge £185 plus VAT, which is deducted from the first month’s rent.  We also charge a management fee of 10% plus VAT of the monthly rent.

For a tenant find only, including getting references and seeing the tenant into the property our fee is £250 plus VAT.  Also, if you have yet to register with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme as an independent landlord we are able to hold a deposit on your behalf  for £40 plus VAT.

Our Services:

We offer a free, no obligation, valuation service to assess a suitable rental price PCM for the landlord’s property.

If provided with a key to a property that is vacant, we are able to organise and carry out viewings with prospective tenants.  If existing tenants are soon to be leaving, but are still in the property, we are able to arrange suitable viewing appointments for new tenants with them.  If required, a representative from Smiths Estate Agents can be present at these viewings.

Smiths Estate Agents will contact all the utilities and the appropriate council to move tenants in and out of a property.

A full inventory is drawn up for rental properties, listing any furniture, carpets, curtains and light fittings.  A copy of this will be provided to the tenants and the landlord.

Any tenant queries will be dealt with through Smiths Estate Agents.  We will notify the landlord when these queries arise.

Any routine repairs needing to be carried out on the property can be organised by Smiths Estate Agents.  We can provide landlords with quotes, and the work would not be undertaken until we have been given authorisation from the landlord to proceed.  Payment for any work done on this basis can be paid in arrears.  Once the invoice has been received by Smiths Estate Agents, we will then deduct the payment from the next rental money we pay to the landlord.   This payment would be shown on the monthly statement sent to the landlord along with a copy of the paid invoice.

We can also arrange certain refurbishment works for which a charge of 10% plus V.A.T of the cost will be payable.    

Routine rental inspections are carried out on rental properties every few months to ensure the upkeep of the property by the tenants is in order.  The landlord will be notified by letter when these inspections have been carried out.

Finally we hold tenants bonds under the Tenancy Dispute Scheme.  For managed properties this is free of charge but if required we can hold bonds for tenant find only landlords at a fee of £40 plus V.A.T.


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